Learn new skills faster with 290% better recall

Anyone can learn faster with science-backed learning methods. lets you use those methods to study more effectively for new skills and qualifications. The app comes with linked notes, mindmapping, active recall and spaced repetition flashcards.
Dom from here! is a web app that lets you learn new skills faster. I originally created for myself when I was struggling to learn Mandarin Chinese. I went down a rabbit hole on neuroscience and metacognition, and came up with this opinionated method to learn new skills faster: Understand: Organize your study notes visually as a tree of knowledge, so you can understand the fundamental principles (Elon Musk's approach). Memorize: Ask yourself questions about the material, and then review those questions at the optimal time (just when you're about to forget it). Apply: The knowledge is now available for your brain to use, so you can apply it in real life and form creative connections. lets you use this method to study more effectively. People have used it so far to acquire AWS certificates, pass competitive exams in law, medicine, maths, CS, and learn new technical skills like WP. Give it a try for whatever skill you're learning now 🙏
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