Script for Course Trailer video
Dom: Hey, I'm Dom, welcome to Superlearning for High Achievers!
Dom: Superlearning for High Achievers supercharges your learning in a world of information overload and distraction.
Ryan: Hey! And I'm Ryan. we're so glad you're here!
Ryan: The methods we guide you through in this course will help you build habits and systems which will help you learn faster, saving you precious time and giving you the confidence to learn anything, quickly and efficiently.
Dom: I wanted to learn Chinese but none of the methods worked. They were trying to teach me Chinese, but didn't teach me how to learn Chinese. So I went and created a superlearning method by myself. I've used it to learn 4 other languages and 5 programming languages.
Ryan: When I was preparing for my CFA exams, I was constantly battling time. Using superlearning methods, I was able to pass all exams at the first attempt without spending too much time studying. Since then, I have learned programming, juggling and many other skills using these methods.
Ryan: So stop being overwelmed, create your learning process and start superlearning with us!
Dom: Sign up for our superlearning course and join our elite community.